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Beach Glass Christmas Tree Art | Christmas Decorations

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This Christmas tree is made from 100% genuine beach glass found on the shores of Lake Huron, Michigan. It will become a staple of your yearly Christmas décor!!

The green pieces of glass are on white card stock.

The 5 x 7 tree is surrounded by a beautiful wood frame which has hanging hardware as well as an easleback for tabletop display.

Each piece of beach glass was personally found and hand picked.

Being 100% genuine beach glass each piece is completely unique and you will be the only person in the world to have this exact Christmas tree.

Beach glass is formed from tableware, glass used on ships, bottles and household items that have been discarded into the water. It was common in the past to simply dump trash into the water, especially along shipping lanes and shorelines.

As the glass item reaches the shore, the pounding waves and rocky shoreline break the item into smaller bits. The waves and tumbling wear away the cut edges over time.

Smoothed by decades of undersea erosion, beach glass is often round or triangular and has a frosted appearance. Some pieces of beach glass (aka sea glass) have been tumbling around in the sand and rocks for 50 years while others only a few months.